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Yes, I am currently accepting new adult clients for individual therapy in Atlanta. Thank you for visiting, this website is in transition, so for now I’ve shifted over to

Please visit there to learn more about me and my practice focusing on therapy for chronic depression, emotional intensity/sensitivity, and relationship concerns.

Are you someone who:
-is a “deep thinker” about life, the universe, and everything?
-is emotionally intense, and tends to experience your feelings very deeply and intensely?
-is prone to feeling overstimulated, overwhelmed, and sometimes slow to really trust others?
-has been left feeling bad around other people thinking you’re “too sensitive”, “too dramatic”, “too intense”, or just “too much”?

I love working with emotionally intense adults and people who identify as Highly Sensitive People (or HSPs, also known as the personality trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity) who may struggle with and want therapy for chronic depression, existential angst or decision dread, personality concerns, Borderline Personality Disorder, and conflicts about trust and relationships.

My work as a therapist is highly interpersonal, emotion-focused, and depth-oriented, based on Mentalization-Based Therapy. MBT is research supported attachment-based psychotherapy that helps people develop a deep, nuanced, flexible, and empathic understanding of themselves and others.

When big feelings and difficult social challenges leave us feeling all stirred up and in a tangle, healthy mentalizing promotes regulation of big emotions, resilience through tough times, and helps cultivate the experience of security and confidence within ourselves and in our important relationships.

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