Has your storybook romance turned into a fractured fairy-tale?

Will we ever stop fighting?

What if I just don’t love my partner anymore?

Maybe we’re just too different.

Can I ever trust again?

Whether you prefer to call it couples therapy, marriage counseling, or just good old relationship help, I specialize in caring, thoughtful relationship counseling for singles, couples, dating partners, and newlyweds struggling with heartbreak, communication conflicts, disconnection, isolation, and romantic relationship concerns.

I help people find clarity in their conflicts, communicate with integrity, bounce back from breakups, overcome infidelity, navigate commitment crises, and reconnect in life and love.

Ready to stop fighting and start connecting? Find out more below.


What if it’s just me? Do you work with individuals looking for relationship help? Absolutely! How about general anxiety or depression? Click here.

What if I’m not sure about couples counseling, and I’m really trying to figure out whether I should stay or go in my marriage? You’re in the right place! Check out what discernment counseling has to offer…

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