Counseling for heartbreak

Relationship counseling; Atlanta therapy

Are you tired of feeling lonely and broken-hearted?

You may feel lonely, but you are not alone. Individual counseling offers hope and help to break free from your broken heart.

Maybe you’re looking for love or recovering from a break-up and saying to yourself:

  • I can’t believe I found yet another jerk!
  • Am I doomed to be single forever?
  • I think I’m a great catch…but am I really?
  • I want a great relationship but I always seem to sabotage one when I find it.
  • I feel like I’ve lost my soul mate. What do I do now?
  • Will I ever get over this heartbreak?

Or maybe you’re married or in a committed relationship and wondering:

  • Should I stay and hope it gets better or is it time to go?
  • My partner cheated on me, how could I have missed the signs?
  • After the affair, can I ever get over my hurt and sense of betrayal?
  • I know our relationship is over, but will I ever be able to move on?

My passion is partnering with clients to overcome uncertainty and ambivalence in their relationships and break free from destructive self-doubts and self-criticism.

You may doubt yourself and discount your own needs. You may be your own harshest critic. But I want to help you find the peace, clarity, confidence, and connection you’re looking for.

While I have years of dedicated practice and experience as a psychologist and therapist, I’m continuously learning and growing in my efforts to help clients get the most out of our work together. My approach to counseling and coaching is empathic and supportive, but balanced with an active and engaging dialogue process focused on resolving past relationship hurts, transforming painfully stuck emotions, and cultivating strength through openness and emotional vulnerability.

If you are ready for caring and experienced help to heal your hurting heart, to grow beyond the same old relationship ruts, and to move forward in life and love, contact me today to set up a free 20-minute phone interview.