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-DSM-5 ready for release

-Reading emotions

-Strengthening New Year’s resolutions

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Old pills, new promises for PTSD

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Psychology of The Great Gatsby

Emory looks at Hollywood series:

  Psychology meets history in Lincoln – Popcorn Therapy

In the latest installment of Popcorn Therapy, host Gene Kansas talks with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s News Director and resident Civil War buff Rickey Bevington and me about the heady mix of politics, psychology, and history in Steven Spielberg’s film, Lincoln.



Man of Steel…Man of Conflict? The Psychology of Superman/Clark Kent: Emory looks at Hollywood series:



The Reality of ‘Bieber Fever’

Emory looks at Hollywood series:


Feeling post-election let down?

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  Popcorn Therapy: Chicken with Plums

The themes of music, food, family, love, loss, and creative blocks all intermingle in the magical film Chicken with Plums. Listen as Sidewalk Radio host Gene Kansas talks with me and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert master David Coucheron about music, psychology, and the film.




  London Olympics: The Crying Games?

A television interview on athletes, tears, and winning emotions  with the BBC World News aired live August 8, 2012



Bruce Wayne (Batman) and the psychology of trauma

Emory looks at Hollywood series: Emory psychologist Jared DeFife discusses the dark themes of pain, anger and fear that shaped the character of Bruce Wayne. (Read more at Emory’s eScienceCommons)


Radio interview – “Trauma and the Costa Concordia”

KFNX 1100 – Life with Dr. Howard Gluss.